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have heart my dear

1. Name: mary
2. Age: 14
3. Sex: female
4. Location: fort myers, FL
5. Sexual Orientation: straight-ish.
6. Favorite Bands: bright eyes, something corporate, senses fail, jimmy eat world, matchbook romance, the starting line, the used, unwritten law, slipknot, my chemical romance, relient k, dashboard, dave matthews band, yellowcard (fav. song is avondale from them..), pearl jam, MM, journey, eve 6
7. Favorite Movies: the virgin suicides, the sixth sense, practical magic, thumbelina.
8. What are you looking for in this community? friends, anything really. mutual emo lovers.
9. Hobbies: running track, hanging out with friends, listening to music - thats all my schedule allows really..
10. Best shows you've been to and why? i just go to underground shows in downtown fort myers, but i'd say.. the last show i went to because i went with my friend and i had to meet people.
11. Drink, smoke, or do drugs? Why or why not? drink - occasionally, smoke - no, do drugs -- cant anymore, because of track season. cant go get stoned and then have a track meet..

Now post as many pictures as you please, and one 200x150 picture for the listings!

ah damn. my photobucket is being a peice of shit.. i'll post these as soon as i can.. damnit.
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