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we never wanted it to be this way.

1. Name: monica.
2. Age: eighteen.
3. Sex: female. and sure. :]
4. Location: san diego, ca.
5. Sexual Orientation: straight. though i wouldn't mind kissing a girl.
6. Favorite Bands: my chemical romance, bright eyes, taking back sunday, intepol, the killers, franz ferdinand, the postal service, death cab, rilo kiley, hot hot heat, the cure, the (international) noice conspiracy, muse...and yeah.
7. Favorite Movies: the breakfast club, sixteen candles, ferris bueller's day off, kill bill series, dumb and dumber, donnie darko, forrest gump, trainspotting
8. What are you looking for in this community? to meet new people. :]
9. Hobbies: writer, photographer, artist, singer...yeah.
10. Best shows you've been to and why? hmm. as it stands right now? bright eyes about a week and a half ago. conor he changed my life.
11. Drink, smoke, or do drugs? Why or why not? personally? i don't really like to do any of those things. probably because my mom smokes, and my grandma took her last breath in front of me when i was eight and the reason she died was cancer. my dad used to be an alcoholic and would leave us sometimes and forget about me and hurt me unintentionally because of the substance he was putting into his body. so i would normally care less, but the fact that a lot of people around me were effected by them, it really hurts because it brings up bad memories. but my friends do it and it honestly doesn't bother me.



friends is cool.
talking on AIM is ace as well. :]
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