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..The weirdest thing happened to me. I had this dream that my ex boyfriend Julio sent me a text message that he was dating someone else and that he really loved this other person.. I was really upset. This probably occured do to the fact that I couldn't stop thinking of Julio last night. He was sending me text messages all weekend saying how much of a mistake he made, and how much he misses me. So anyways, I wake up this morning, check my text messages, to see "Im Going Out With Laura From: Julio 10:09pm 2/19/05" What a fucking way to wake up.. *sighs* He said he figured he lost his chances with me, and that Laura isn't better then me, but he only didn't want to be alone. So here it looks like he only dated her so he wouldn't be alone.. Everyone else says I could do better, but why am I the only one who feels different
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