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Have Heart My Dear

1. Name:Jené Aiziza Esquizias (JUH.NAY EYE.SEE.SUH ES.KEEEE.VEEE.ASS)
2. Age:14
3. Sex:Female(i think)
4. Location:Chandler Arizona
5. Sexual Orientation:Not sure?? bi maybe..girls are hot
6. Favorite Bands:to many to i'l name my all time favorit!!Something corporate♥
7. Favorite Movies:Breakfast Club! Carrie.Texas Chainsaw Masscre.
8. What are you looking for in this community?Friends and people to love me..and hot emo boys!!
9. Hobbies:SOFTBALL!!!!
10. Best shows you've been to and why?Something Corporate!!! it was hot and sweaty but it lead to the best weekend ever!!
11. Drink, smoke, or do drugs? Why or why not?:)

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