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Have heart my dear

Erm, so I just realized that I never did attend _emo_tears' sister community.. This would be the first time I have seen it, I like the layout.. Heh, okay enough of that.. Let's get down to business.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. Location:
Becker, Minnesota
5. Sexual Orientation:
6. Favorite Bands:
I like all music, so don't hate me if I'm not EMO enough for you; Lynyrd Skynyrd, Finch, The Spill Canvas, AC/DC, Malujubazz, and too many more.. Click Here for a full list.
This is the only band you should care about knowing. ♥♥
7. Favorite Movies:
Well.... Click Here for an almost full list.
8. What are you looking for in this community?
Friends, but more so I figured I should be a part of it since it's the sister community to the one I maintain with Jamie.
9. Hobbies:
Playing video games, talking online, going to shows, and being with my friends.
10. Best shows you've been to and why?
Well, seeing as I have only ever been to 2 signed band concerts.. My favorite of those would be the Evanescense/Seether/Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin one, only because at the Incubus show, I was so packed into the croud I felt my ribs puncture my lungs. Though I liked the music at the Incubus one better. -Shrug.- Local band wise, it would be any Malujubazz show I have ever been to.
11. Drink, smoke, or do drugs? Why or why not?
No, because they suck and if that isn't a good enough reason for you, here:
Drink - Watched my mother become more abusive and messed up as a result of her drinking. (She is bad enough without alcohol, it just made her worse.)
Smoke - Watched my mother get lung cancer, be dragged into the hospital several times, receive surgery and now she is basically useless when it comes to doing anything involving moving. (She has a 1 and a 3rd lung left! Woo smoking! ;/)
Drugs - Well here is where people piss me off, "lets do drugs and get so messed up we make a fool of ourself or just can't remember anything that happened!" Grow up, I like knowing where I have been and that I wasn't talking like an idiot as if I knew the "meaning of life."

For the listings.

For fun.

Okay, there it is.. Now that I am done I feel so much more accomplished.

♥ Jobey
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