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hearts_st's Journal

emo seeking emo
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General information;;
Welcome to Hearts Stitched Together, the community for emos seeking emos. This is not a rating community! This is the place to go if you are seeking people in your area, fellow emo lovers, and random lovely people. Post an ad, and see what you find!
1. Fill in the application (follow application instructions)

2. Don't be a bastard.
You can (and will) be banned for:
    - Idiotic things
    - Plain out being stupid
    - Bashing People
    - Starting Fights
    - ETC

    The 'ETC' is left up to the mods, if there is something that is bothering us we have the right to ban you and or give you a strike.
    There will be a 'Three Strike Policy.' It is pretty self explanatory. Pretty much, if the mods find you being a bastard we will give you a strike and when you receive 3 we will simply ban you from the community.
    So please play nice!

3. For the love of god, no talking LyK ThS!1!

4. No one younger then 14

5. Stay active!

    - Bold the questions (don't use rich text mode!)
    - In the subject line, put "Have heart my dear"
    - PLEASE use an LJ cut. Don't know how? Learn here.
    - You need a 200x150 pixel image for the listings.

The Application;;

Nothing at the moment...

A list of past themes can be found right here.

Aryka;; the MCR mod / brutal__romance / send IM / email

Jamie;; the Muse mod / fear_consumes / send IM / email

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